Lock PDF Files from Editing ~ How?

  • Are you one of the users who are fed up of their PDF files being edited without you knowing about it?
  • Do you want to lock .PDF files from editing so that nobody can edit it without your permission?
  • Searching for a tool that will help you lock PDF editing option on multiple PDF files in one go?

These are some common queries that are troubling almost all people who are using PDF (Portable Document Format) for sharing their data and information. To solve these problems, experts at PDF1.org have designed one of their best utilities ~ PDF Locker, a perfect helping hand for all users allowing them to lock .PDF files from editing and restrict editing in PDF file.  Using this amazing tool, users get the benefits to lock all their PDF files in instant mouse clicks as batch locking process.

PDF Locker ~ Perfectionist Tool for Locking PDF Files

PDF Locker is a true professional, enabling users to protect their PDF by putting restriction password and helping them to lock PDF files from editing. Also, users get the authority to secure their PDF from copying and printing, as they wish. The tool can singlehandedly protect PDF from unauthorized copying, editing and printing. Being an independent utility, the lock PDF program never creates a problem whether any other software (like Adobe Acrobat) is installed or not.

Users sometimes find themselves in such a situation where they don’t want other people have access to their PDF file and they want to put open password on the PDF so that nobody can open it in their absence. No need for searching any other software as PDF Locker is an All-in-One tool, supporting users in protecting their PDF files with user password also.

Download Now ~ Free Demo to Lock .PDF Files from Editing


With free Demo of PDF Locker, users can know its features and they can themselves understand how to use it to lock PDF editing option. But using demo edition, both the user and owner password are applied to the PDF and there is no option for putting any one password. To lock .PDF files from editing with owner password, licensed edition of PDF Locker can be bought at a reasonable amount of $9.

Prominent Features : PDF Locker ~ Lock .PDF Files from Editing

  • Batch Tool : Supports batch feature to lock unlimited PDF files with disabled editing rights as fast and effective process.
  • Efficient Tool : The software efficiently lock .PDF files from editing to block users from editing other people’s PDF files in unauthorized way.
  • Reliable Program : The software never damages or changes the original PDF as after imposing restrictions, it creates a new PDF file with proper layouts and formatting.
  • All-in-One Utility : Using PDF Lock tool, users can easily protect their PDF files with both user and owner passwords.
  • Stand Alone Software : The Lock PDF program doesn’t need to use any other program to lock PDF files from editing, because of its stand alone nature.
  • Compatible Program : Software is compatible with all the following programs :
    • PDF : 1.1 to 1.5
    • Acrobat Reader : Upto 9
    • Windows : 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 98, 95.

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