How to Lock PDF Printing, Copying, Editing ?

Guide to know how to lock PDF Printing, Copying and Editing

While locking PDF files using PDF Unlock & Lock Tool, you are able to lock PDF files with copy, edit and print restriction. PDF Lock Software passes through few steps to LOCK PDF files, one of the essential step of software is to apply Lock PDF Setting.

Important Note - To lock PDF files for printing, copying and editing Owner Password is used. A PDF owner password is the password used to set document restrictions like restriction for copying editing and printing in PDF files.

Steps to Lock PDF files with User Password

  • After selecting PDF files, choosing destination folder, when you click on Lock PDF button; the software shows you following screen -

Lock pdf for copying printing editing


  • To lock PDF files for copying, printing and editing restrictions, you are required to choose "Lock PDF File for Printing, Copying and Editing" option option as shown below -


  • Then type a Owner Password that you wish to apply on PDF files. Software supports all characters, symbols, numbers, alphanumeric characters, unicode characters as password. Enter a desired password in Owner Password text box -

For Example - Like we have used "RestrictPDF" as user password

  • Enter the same password once again in Confirm box as shown below -

Make sure you type a same password in Confirm box as User Password box

  • After adding owner password in both Owner Password and Confirm box, you can choose the type of restrictions you want to add in PDF files from here -

  • You can select all the three options - Disable Printing, Disable Copying & Disable Editing.
    • Disable Printing - This option provides you to add printing restrictions on PDF file
    • Disable Copying -This option provides you to add copying restriction on PDF files. With this restriction, you will not be able to copy content form PDF files. extract images from PDF file etc.
    • Disable Editing - This option provides you to add editing restriction on PDF files. With such restrictions, you will not be able to edit content, edit pages.
  • You are all Done, After all this, hit the OK button from following screen -

The password you selected in the Lock PDF settings will be applied to all PDF files i.e. all the selected PDF file will have the same password i.e. RestrictPDF.

Important Note - To apply different password to different PDF files, you are required to select PDF file one after one, repeat the steps stated above for each PDF file.

To know how to unlock PDF files from restrictions, See the steps to Lock PDF Files using a Password

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